Thirty Hours

At age 72, Wally Hesseltine has his sights set on becoming Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run'...

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Thirty Hours
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Our Sustainability Journey

An annual look at our path toward a more sustainable business

We’re working to reduce our ecological footprint in everything we do – from the field to the final products. This means that, in our day-to-day work, we’re thinking about more organics, less packaging, more planet-friendly transportation, less landfill and partners that keep us on our toes.


Check out our progress-to-date along our sustainability journey…



Clif Bar’s 115,000 square foot headquarters is the first building in Emeryville, CA to achieve LEED Platinum certification.



  • Our smart solar array was the first installed in North America over 500 kWh and provides us the majority of our electricity.  Our solar panels provide us with 70% of our hot water.
  • Nearly 250 million pounds of organic ingredients have been purchased to date.
  • Clif Bar & Company Collaborates with Rainforest Alliance for Cocoa Certification in CLIF Bars, our flagship product. 100% of cocoa ingredients for CLIF will be Rainforest Alliance certified.


  • Clif Bar is invited to Washington D.C. to address a national USDA conference about how to drive change toward a more sustainable 21st century agricultural system.
  • Clif Bar gets new green headquarters! The building is repurposed, and 100% of all construction wood was reclaimed (from old railroad ties, barns, etc.) or harvested from sustainably managed forests.
  • In our new green HQ, we open Kali’s Kitchen, an on-site café for employees, which works with regional farmers to source organic ingredients.
  • Clif Bar recognized as Climate Counts Industry Innovator.


  • Clif Bar & Company joins BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy) to advocate for strong climate legislation.
  • Clif Bar Family Foundation launches SEED MATTERS program with $500,000 commitment to protecting and developing organic seeds.
  • Partnering with NativeEnergy, Clif Bar supports the Greensburg wind farm (in the Kansas town rebuilding green after ’07 tornado).


  • Free bikes! Cool Commute program upgraded. All employees can receive up to $500 to buy a bicycle if needed for their commute.
  • Clif Bar begins tracking and offsetting carbon footprint of shipping products to customers.
  • Clif Bar & Company launches the COOL HOME PROGRAM, providing employees with up to $1000 annually to make eco-improvements to their homes.
  • Clif SHOT BLOKS packaging redesigned to save 25,000 lbs of packaging a year.
  • Clif Bar brings office energy and water use down by 10% by hosting a company-wide eco-challenge.


  • All field marketing fleet switch to biodiesel.
  • Clif Bar & Company offsets its historical carbon footprint from 1992 to 2002 providing the hurdle funding needed to build six farmer-owned wind turbines in the Midwest.


  • Cool Commute Program, the country's first employee biodiesel and hybrid incentive program. Employees are also rewarded for walking, biking, carpooling and taking public transportation.
  • All company vehicles begin filling up with local, recycled biodiesel.


Escape from Alcatraz becomes the first ever climate neutral triathlon in partnership with Clif Bar.



NATURAL ENERGY TOUR is launched – becoming the nationʼs first climate neutral biodiesel mobile marketing tour.



  • CLIF BAR goes organic USDA Certified!
  • Partnership with American Forests launched to plant trees to offset employee commutes. 5000 trees planted each year.
  • Company switches to 100% recycled paperboard, generating an environmental savings upstream of 14,000 trees and 6 million gallons of water in one year!
  • Company becomes CLIMATE NEUTRAL by offsetting the carbon footprint of our office, business travel, bakeries and delivery to our distribution center by investing in wind energy


Caddies redesigned to be shrink wrap free avoiding the use of 90,000 pounds of plastic.



CB&C hires a full-time ecologist and develops an in-house Sustainability Program which launches on Earth Day and a commitment to the planet is made.


Thirty Hours

At age 72, Wally Hesseltine has his sights set on becoming Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run'...

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Thirty Hours
Adventure - Athlete