GMOs: A Deeper Look

What are GMOs? GMOs are organisms—including plants and vegetables—that have been genetical...

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GMOs: A Deeper Look

Why We Love Organic

Our commitment to the environment came naturally

Long before the scientific studies began to appear about the benefits of organic farming, Gary and I knew we wanted Clif Bar to be an organic food company. Our commitment to the environment came naturally, as it did for many of us growing up during the ‘60s and ‘70s. 
In our hometown of Fremont, CA, we experienced the loss of nature almost daily. We saw apricot orchards plowed into suburbs, walnut groves bulldozed into shopping centers and the foothills above my home divided by a highway. I felt deeply moved by TV news about the impact of pesticides on the health of farmworkers, children and communities in the nearby Central Valley. At the same time, the environmental movement was coming into its own—Earth Day premiered in April 1970 and the first organic foods came to market. 
Three decades later, on Earth Day 2001, we launched Clif Bar’s sustainability program with a  commitment to organic as its foundation. I knew in my heart it was the right way to go. In 2003, our signature CLIF® Bar energy bar became certified organic. Today, more than 70 percent of all the ingredients we use are organic. And we continue to work to increase that amount. 

As a food company, we see the connections between food, health and the environment every day. The kind of food we put in our bodies affects our health. The way food is grown, packaged and shipped affects the environment, and the environment affects the health of all living things. 


"Our stake in the ground starts with organic. It’s a commitment we believe matters for all of us. "  Kit 


Kit Crawford - Owner and Co-Chief Visionary Officer (along with husband Gary Erickson, of Clif Bar & Company), President, Clif Bar Family Foundation