Athlete Profile


Bill has successfully paced with the Clif Bar Pace Team for more than 8 years. Even better—Bill knows how to make you laugh while he’s doing it. With infectious energy and an offbeat sense of humor (“as a special incentive to run with me, all marathoners in my group will receive complimentary water several times along the course”), Bill will keep you energized, motivated and enjoying every step of your 26.2 mile journey. Bill is well aware that a town called “Boston” is calling many of you—and he is excited to get his groups to Boston, PR’s and just plain fun marathon runs as a member of the Clif Bar Pace Team.


As a happily married father of three active children in Elmhurst (Illinois) running is both social and spiritually renewing.  Employment at a prestigious children's museum helps cover the ever increasing family race entry fees and various endeavors.