Athlete Profile

Bryan Rhodes


4 x Ironman winner Bryan Rhodes hails from New Zealand. Anyone who has watched him race can tell that Bryan started out in the water. Competing at the national level as a swimmer and a surf lifesaving competitor is how Bryan got his start as a competitive athlete. Bryan eventually transitioned to triathlon and competed as a junior on the 1990 New Zealand Commonwealth Games Triathlon Team.

By 1992 Bryan saw his first big success, finishing 5th at the World Junior Triathlon Championships in Canada, before winning the World Junior Team Championship title with his teammates Paul Amey & Cameron Brown. By 1993 Bryan was racing on the European triathlon circuit for a spell, and then Bryan headed to Boulder Colorado to hit the American circuit. Bryan raced his first Iron-distance race in 1996 at Ironman New Zealand.

Bryan’s seen success at numerous races over the years. He’s a ‘fan favorite’ who always receives a warm welcome from the crowd and the event organizers. Team CLIF Bar and Bryan Rhodes have worked together for a long time. Bryan’s one of those guys who races for all the right reasons and seems to always have a smile on his face, whether crossing the finish line first or rehabbing from an injury.

Here at Team CLIF, unlike Bryan, we’ve certainly spent more time rehabbing from injuries than we’ve spent winning races - but we like smiling as much as Bryan does. When Bryan’s hanging out at one of the Team CLIF Bar lairs, you can bet there are plenty of good stories and smiles to go around.