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Greg Long


Big-wave surfer Greg Long grew up riding the waves of the Pacific Ocean in San Clemente with his brother and dad (who was a life guard), in San Diego with his older cousin, and on the Todos Santos break in Baja, Mexico, where he honed his big-wave skills as a teenager. At age 17, he won the NSSA Men’s Open Title, and went on to win titles like the Quiksilver Big Wave Invitational, and the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau big-wave contest. He’s been awarded a number of XXL Global Big Wave Awards, including “Ride of the Year” (2014).


Despite his success in contests, Greg has chosen to chase more big waves around the world than trophy titles. Greg also strives to give back to the sport he loves with his involvement in the Surfrider Foundation, Sustainable Surf, Save the Waves, Surfers Healing and the Best Day Foundation.

CLIF Bar: Into the Mind of Greg Long

Travel deep into the mind of big wave surfer and CLIF Bar athlete Greg Long

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CLIF Bar: Into the Mind of Greg Long
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By the Numbers:


12 age started surfing competitively


2001  year crowned National Champion 


2013  year crowned Big Wave World Champion


2014  year awarded “Ride of the Year”


Greg Long Preparing for Mavericks

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Greg Long Preparing for Mavericks
Adventure - Athlete

Date of birth: 1982


Scariest moment:   Sustaining a wipeout in 2012 while paddling into Cortes Bank off the coast of Southern California. Held underwater and unconscious, but resuscitated and life-flighted by the Coast Guard. Fully recovered.


Why big wave surfing: It’s the most physically and mentally challenging facet of surfing


On life:  "Life is one continual learning process, and the challenge and blessing is to grow physically, mentally and spiritually, while exploring my greatest potential as a human being.  Big wave riding has been my arena to do exactly that."


Additional sponsors: Christensen Surfboards, VonZipper, Peligroso Tequila, Billabong