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Jeremy Jones


Jeremy Jones goes big. He’s ridden some of the most technical, treacherous mountains ever accessed, and is known as the pioneer of backcountry snowboarding. The principal of Jones Snowboards climbs and makes turns all around the world, and has more recently been uncovering new lines in the Sierra Mountains near his home base of Truckee, California. When he’s not exploring the backcountry on a splitboard and riding powder, he’s leading the charge against global climate change with his Protect Our Winters mission, and spending time with his wife and two kids.

An Interview with Jeremy Jones

Team CLIF Bar Pro Snowboarder and Founder, Protect Our Winters (POW)

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An Interview with Jeremy Jones
Adventure - Athlete

By The Numbers:


1 Broken Bone


50+ Snowboarding Films


32 Years Shredding


2007 Year Jones' Founded Protect our Winters

A ‘Higher’ Calling for Jeremy Jones and Gregg Treinish

During the filming for his latest feature, Higher, Team CLIF Bar Snowboarder Jeremy Jones added a...

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A ‘Higher’ Calling for Jeremy Jones and Gregg Treinish
Adventure - Athlete

Date of birth: January 14, 1975


Hometown: Truckee, CA


Most humbling moment: Watching my brother get swept away by an avalanche. When the dust settled, there was no sign of him and I was the only one able to search for him. Thankfully I found him, and he was okay. 


Proudest moment: Riding Mount Timlin. I set up camp underneath it only to realize it was covered in ice on the top half. I accepted it was probably not going to be ride-able, but I had plenty of food and decided to stay and ride smaller lines in the area. On the 10th day, a tent-crushing storm pinned us down for five days. When it cleared, the mountain had transformed into this magical mountain. A few days later, I was able to climb up and ride the biggest line of my life in perfect conditions. I named it after my friend Joe Timlin who died a few days before the trip.


Hero:  My wife is my hero for all—for holding down the fort and keeping the Jones’ world upright and moving forward with smiling faces.


First sideways sport: Skateboarding


On the iPod: Bob Dylan, Lukas Nelson, Pearl Jam


Additional sponsors: O'Neill, Jones Snowboards, POC, Swatch, Thirty-two, Squaw Valley USA, Hydroflask, Karakoram, Now Bindings