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Todd Wells


Todd's been racing mountain bikes since '94 - nearly 20 years.

We've been working with Todd for a good deal of that time, and over the years we have witnessed Todd win all sorts of races. The guy just wins stuff. If you've only seen him compete in the Team CLIF Bar Foosball Invitational, you'd never know just how capable this guy is on a bike. Apparently, foosball skills are no indicator of on-the-bike talent. 
In the late '90s Todd actually took a break from racing for a bit and got a "real job" at IBM for a spell - but fortunately for race fans he came to his senses and went back to doing unreal things on his race bike.

Over the years Todd has won two cyclocross national titles, one mountain bike short track national title and been a member of two Olympic teams. He's won NORBAs, numerous UCI cyclocross races and stood on a World Cup podium.

In 2010, Todd became the first person to win professional national titles in cross-country mountain bike, short track cross-country mountain bike and cyclocross in the same year.