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Nov. 21, 2013
Investing in Our Food Future

Today, KQED – the San Francisco Bay Area’s National Public Radio affiliate – aired an essay by Matthew Dillon for its Perspectives series. As director of Seed Matters, an initiative of Clif Bar Family Foundation, Matthew’s piece calls for greater federal support for organic plant breeding programs.

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Clif Bar & Company

Jun. 4, 2013
The Company You Keep

At CLIF Bar, we feel pretty lucky to have some pretty amazing friends who live within the conscientious “sweet spot” between outdoor adventure and conservation. One such friend is Gregg Treinish.

As a relentless adventurer, Gregg found himself one day feeling that his large-scale pursuits like hiking the Appalachian Trail and trekking the 7,800 mile length of the Andes were a tad “selfish,” as he puts it. He envisioned a time when he could find other ways for exploration to benefit others, and the natural connection happened when he started to think of the others who, like himself, belong to the wilderness: the trees, the Grizzlies, the rocks, the Wolverine and the Pine Marten. The connection between the scientific issues impacting those closest to the wild outdoors (the critters) were inexorably linked to those who always want to be close to it (all of us…duh).

Gregg Treinish from ASC

So Gregg did the only thing that any self-respecting, science-loving explorer would do – he founded a nonprofit dedicated to bringing together the adventure community and the scientific community, Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC).

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May. 2, 2013
Senator Barbara Boxer Visits Clif Bar HQ, Talks “Right-to-Know” Act

Matthew Dillon is Agricultural Policy and Program Manager for Clif Bar & Co and serves as the Cultivator for Clif Bar Family Foundation’s initiative, Seed Matters. From 2003–2010, Dillon served as Founding Director of Organic Seed Alliance (OSA) – the first organization to engage in seed education, research, and advocacy specifically for the organic community.

Today, Clif Bar & Company welcomed California Senator Barbara Boxer as part of her tour to promote the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act, bipartisan legislation that would require clear labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods.

Senator Boxer at Clif HQ: Podium

The event also featured Jessica Lundberg of the Lundberg Family Farms and Charles Phan of the Slanted Door restaurant. Other attendees included media and thought leaders from the non-profit community, and other food companies who have been leaders in GMO labeling initiatives such as Amy’s Kitchen, Straus Family Creamery and Annie’s. 

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Matthew Dillon
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Apr. 22, 2013
Clif Bar Celebrates 10 Years of Organic

Happy Earth Day! 10 years ago, Clif Bar & Company began using organic ingredients in CLIF Bars. Here’s a special Earth Day infographic with some fun facts about organic.

CLIF Bar Organic Infographic

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Dean, the PR Dude
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Nov. 12, 2012
A School-owned Wind Turbine Generates Renewable Energy

By Elysa Hammond, Director of Environmental Stewardship, Clif Bar & Company

We take climate change seriously at Clif Bar & Company. As one part of our climate strategy, we partner with NativeEnergy to help build new sources of renewable energy. Since 2003 we’ve invested in more than 30 renewable energy projects, including the first Native American-owned wind turbines in South Dakota and a large-scale wind farm in Greensburg, Kansas, a town that rebuilt green after being destroyed by a massive tornado. We’re especially excited about our recent support of school-based wind turbines in Indiana. 

This year I visited the Hoosier state’s first school-owned wind turbine—one that our carbon offset investments helped build. I was thrilled to see firsthand the benefit renewable energy projects can have not only on a local school economy but also in making hands-on science education more tangible and relevant.

Union City Wind Turbine Image

I visited Union City High School not only to see the wind turbine but to meet John Zakelj, the visionary science teacher who inspired the project.  A few years earlier John built a small-scale solar array and wind turbine at the high school as way of bringing science and math to life for his students. The positive energy from that work moved beyond John’s classroom, generating interest in wind by the Randolph Eastern School Corporation and town of Union City. 

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