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Dec. 3, 2010
5 Ways to Reduce Holiday Trash

The holiday season‘s upon us. And with Hanukah, Christmas, Kwanza and other year-end holiday celebrations comes presents. And with presents comes wrapping paper. Mounds and mounds of wrapping paper, along with boxes, holiday cards, letters and the like.

All that paper can be an eco disaster.

Ditch the wrapping paper

According to the EPA, we Americans generate 1 million tons of household waste during the holidays. That’s a massive 25 percent spike in waste from the standard 4 million tons of household trash each year. Just tossing the Christmas cards alone could fill an entire football stadium.

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Posted by:
Dean, the PR Dude

Nov. 19, 2010
All.I.Can: A Film that Fuses Riding and the Environment

We at Clif Bar & Company love to support great people doing great work. And this particular project is no exception.

Thanks to a ton of hard work and countless hours, we get to enjoy phenomenal footage from some amazing athletes in some outrageous locations; and all the while with a perspective on what it takes to respect and protect the places where we all love to play.

Have a look below at what to expect from All.I.Can, and check the trailer for some stoke on the winter to come.

Big ups to all who are doing their part and enjoying the ride along the way!

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Posted by:
B Cole
Events, Sustainability, Team Clif Bar

Oct. 19, 2010
15,000 Facebook Fans = $5,000 to the Environment

Less than three weeks ago, the Clif Bar Facebook page hit 10,000 fans. And as a “thank you” to all our loyal friends, Clif Bar & Company committed to donate one dollar for every new Clif Bar Facebook fan up to 15,000, in conjunction with our environmental initiatives as a 1% for the Planet member, to an environmental organization.

Well, you responded in droves to say the least. In well under a month, we reached our $5,000 goal, hitting 15,000 total fans in record speed—and the environment reaps the reward.

So thank yourself for contributing! And if this is the first time you’re hearing about 1% for the Planet, above is a great video that will bring you up to speed on everything this great organization does—helping tilt the scales of giving toward the thousands of under-funded nonprofits dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability, and preserving and restoring our natural environment.

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Posted by:
Chris Morell
Community, Sustainability

Sep. 13, 2010
Growing Your Own Food: The Connection to Good Nutrition

Do you have a garden? A pot of basil in your window, perhaps? A tomato plant on your back stoop? No?

CLIF KID Garden 1

Shame on you for ignoring the biggest trend since organic food!

From small rooftops to backyard acreage, gardening has become the “hip” thing to do. There is even an organic garden planted by the First Lady herself on the White House lawn. I love it when something positive becomes cool. These days people are planting gardens for all kinds of reasons. It saves on the grocery bill, it seems safer and it reduces stress. What’s not cool about that?!

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Posted by:
Tara, the RD
Food Matters, Sustainability

Sep. 7, 2010
How To: Pure, Clean Birthday Fun for Your Kids

My son’s fourth birthday is fast approaching, and when I went to the grocery store to look for birthday party provisions I was completely grossed out at what was being passed off as “treats” for special occasions. Next to Halloween birthdays carry the biggest potential to serve up the most artificial colors, artificial flavors and genetically modified all-around junky “stuff.”

With so much for parents to concern themselves with these days, I try not to worry myself or others too much about what kids are exposed to during special occasions and various celebrations. BUT – of course the “BUT” – the special occasions are becoming increasingly less “occasional” as my son gets older.

If you are like me, striving (key word) to feed the family a mostly organic and natural menu to limit your kids’ exposure to the other nasty things out there, you might find yourself a little uneasy as the next birthday invitation rolls in.

What I want to know: Why is the junky food, bad-plastic party favor and lead-based paint jumpy seemingly all there is to work with when you begin the preparations? I set out on a mission to do a better birthday party full of fun, flavor and all kinds of fancy party zing without having to compromise natural and organic home-baked goodness.

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Posted by:
Tara, the RD
From the Kitchen, Sustainability

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