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Jul. 31, 2012
Criscuolo and Gustavson:  Working Hard to Fight Water Pollution

Jared Criscuolo and Kristian Gustavson like water. I mean, they REALLY like water. They’ve both spent their lives paddling rivers and streams, surfing famous ocean breaks, and educating themselves, both formally and informally, about the earth’s most valuable resource. 

Trestles to TJ

The two met while working for the Surfrider foundation in San Diego, and soon found they had lots in common: Both were tired of getting sick from ingesting ocean water after rainstorms purged local rivers of pollution; both were horrified by the general condition of the nation’s waterways. And they both wanted to do something about it.

In the summer of 2008, Criscuolo and Gustavson formed Below the Surface, a non-profit with a goal of reducing water pollution and the health, economic and environmental hazards posed by it, by working to elevate and sustain those topics in the national dialogue. Since forming BtS, the two friends have worked tirelessly, leading paddling expeditions on our most endangered waterways and mobilizing local groups at both civic and grassroots levels to ensure that our rivers and streams have a voice.

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Jul. 16, 2012
Meet the Moment in 2012!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of this year’s Meet the Moment. Whether it’s Moments of pushed limits or dumbstruck awe - at CLIF, we live for those Moments of adventure. It’s what feeds our passion for nutrition.

Meet the Moment 2012

Get out, way out, where Moments happen. Then come share your photos, stories, and spread the stoke. The cool thing is, you’ll be doing something more:

For every Moment you upload, CLIF Bar will donate $5 to your selected environmental non-profit partner. And every time a Moment is shared through your social networks another $1 is donated to the non-profit that Moment creator selected.

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Chris Morell
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Nov. 18, 2011
Congrats to Clif Bar’s 2011 Meet the Moment Winners!

Over the course of the last few months, thousands of you came together to protect the places we play in Clif Bar’s Meet the Moment campaign. You guys rule!

If you joined on the Meet the Moment journey, then you know Clif Bar & Company donated $5 to an organization dedicated to protecting the places we play simply by uploading your first moment. Well, we also told you that three grand prize winners would be chosen to embark on a trip of a lifetime (of their choosing!). Well, the time has finally come, and here are your three grand prize winners.

A huge congrats to Dean, Kate and Matt—have a blast on your travels!

Dean K,
Location: Oregon (Crater Lake)
Title: “Change Your Perspective”

Dean K - Meet the Moment grand prize winner 1

Description: Backflip with a twist into chilly water…letting the sun heat your body while your adrenaline pumps through you is heaven on earth. I am reminded on why I am alive and what I am supposed to be doing here…I choose a different perspective.

Dean and his girlfriend are off to southeast Asia (starting and ending in Thailand) for a four month superadventure.

Kate M
Location: Oregon (Coast)
Title: “2 Bikes, 2 Toddlers, 1 Epic Family Adventure – Murrs Across America 2010”

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Chris Morell

Nov. 1, 2011
2 Mile Challenge Reduces 470,000 Miles of Car Trips

Since our company’s humble beginning on Gary’s bike ride, the bicycle is in the CLIF Bar DNA. We love the bike for everything that it brings: fun, freedom and the fight against climate change, especially within 2 miles of where you live. We call it the 2 Mile Challenge.

2 Mile Challenge Autumn

This year’s 2 Mile Challenge welcomed thousands of registrants who helped avoid more than 65,000 car trips totaling upwards of 470,000 miles. From May 12 through October 31, participants logged bike trips to win points for their team to help us determine how to split up $100,000 in grants, which goes to some great nonprofit groups working for bike advocacy and the fight against climate change.  Clif Bar has been proud to partner this year with the Alliance for Biking and Walking, the Safe Routes to School Partnership and in helping to motivate more people to get on their bikes.

Read more about the grant giving on the 2 Mile Challenge blog, including even more details about 2011 stats and how you can get involved.

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Oct. 27, 2011
Climber Cedar Wright on Clif Bar’s Day of Action

Following Clif Bar’s Day of Action on October 1, Team CLIF Bar climber Cedar Wright submitted this video. Cedar was one of the participants in the Access Fund’s Day of Action event and created this piece based on his experience.

As Ceedy puts it, “I had the pleasure of taking part in Clif Bar’s Meet the Moment ‘Day of Action,’ which partnered with the Access Fund and their 2011 National Access and Stewardship Summit to do some trail work at North Table Mountain—the local climbing area of Golden Colorado. Clif bar and The Access Fund are both committed to preserving and respecting the outdoor places where we play, so I feel very lucky to be able to help out in my small way.”

We at Clif continue to be inspired by the people we work with and their passion for protecting the places we play! Big thanks to Cedar for sharing his time and his energy in capturing this day.

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B Cole
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