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May. 6, 2011
Stephen Colbert Steals CLIF Bars from Whole Foods Market

Mr. Stephen Colbert‘s a simple man. Maybe that’s why he admits to stealing CLIF Bars from Whole Foods Market on last night’s Colbert Report!

Hey, it makes him feel powerful. Watch the clip!

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Posted by:
Chris Morell
Community, r@nd0m

Jan. 21, 2011
Celebrate National Granola Bar Day with CLIF CRUNCH!

Yes, believe it or not today is National Granola Bar Day. Fresh off the MLK remembrance weekend, why not take a minute today to think about all the times a granola bar’s saved you in a time of hunger?



Well hopefully we can help update your granola arsenal. Last year we launched CLIF CRUNCH, a brand new crunchy granola bar

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Posted by:
Chris Morell
Food Matters, r@nd0m

Aug. 24, 2010
The Story Behind the Jersey: Limited Edition CLIF Cycling Jersey, Honoring the Late Clif Erickson

Way back in 1990, I went on a 175-mile bike ride with my buddy, Jay. In preparation for the ride, we packed six energy bars for the ride—the only energy bar on the market at the time. At mile-120 we made it to the top of Mt. Hamilton, but we realized that we still had a lot of road ahead of us. Tired and famished, I pulled the last energy bar out of my pack, but as hungry as I was, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it. In that moment I couldn’t help but ask myself “What if energy bars were delicious?” The minute I asked the question, I realized that I could make something better—an energy bar that tasted great, was made with all-natural ingredients and that could help get me through my long rides. It was an epiphany moment and I decided to follow the inspiration.

Picture of Gary

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of that epiphany moment I had at the top of Mount Hamilton and to honor the love and support my dad gave me as I started and grew Clif Bar & Company, I designed this limited edition CLIF Cycling Jersey. I wear this jersey on my long rides knowing that my dad is still cheering me on.

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Guest Starring
Office Life, r@nd0m

Jun. 17, 2010
1st Annual Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown!

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, Facebook or right here on the Clif Blog, then you’ve surely seen some of our fun, wacky adventures of office life. Well, chalk this one up on the big board: The 1st Annual Clif Bar Iron Cupcake* Throwdown!

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0473

Eat your heart out, Bobby Flay. We’ve had more than a dozen Clif Bar & Company participants and a panel of Clif volunteer judges. After after the judging, we put the remainder of cupcakes up for donation to the rest of the company with all proceeds going toward the AIDS Walk San Francisco. Looks like we’ve raised over $400 in total.

The Throwdown featured two key ingredients. The first, lavender. And the second...ready for this? Bacon! Yes, bacon cupcakes. Balancing sweet and salty vaulted creativity to its finest.

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0459

The calm before the storm. Cupcakes being prepped.

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Posted by:
Chris Morell
Food Matters, Office Life, r@nd0m

May. 26, 2010
A Brand New Store Locator

We make LOTS of stuff. So if you ever find yourself on the hunt for specific Clif Bar & Company products, you’ll probably want to give our handy new Store Locator a whirl. It’s incredibly simple. Simply enter your zip code, and check the box(es) for the product(s) you’re looking for and click “Submit.” You’re done!

Now you have a nice list of your closest retail locations and a visual icon for what products each store carries (We still recommend calling your local store(s) ahead of time to determine availability.)

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Posted by:
Chris Morell
Office Life, r@nd0m

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