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Apr. 13, 2011
Brighton Your Day with Clif Bar!

The Clif Bar UK field marketing crew was out in force for the second Brighton Marathon on Sunday 10th April.

george pace

Clif Bar had played its part since the start, attending training seminars since November. We’ve also supported weekly training runs in providing CLIF Bars and SHOT Bloks for all, and the Expo day before saw us sampling our wares.

booth with Pace

And for the first time in the UK, members of the Clif Pace Team were in attendance, to help secure those PBs.

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David Smith
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Apr. 11, 2011
LA Marathon: Rain or Shine, Nothing’s Going to Stop this Blok Party!

The Clif Bar LA Field Marketing crew weathered out a major storm while cheering on participants in the LA Marathon a few weeks back, and showed off some fancy footwork in rain gear, to boot! Read all about it and then watch the moves yourself below!

Whoever said that it doesn’t rain in Los Angeles wasn’t in town for this year’s Los Angeles Marathon! As the Official Bar and Gel of the event, Clif Bar took runners to the finish line with our Pace Team, supplied 23,000 participants with the newly reformulated CLIF SHOT Energy Gel on course.

And in true LA Field Marketing fashion and in the name of fun, we supported the runners with our enthusiasm at our Mile 20 Blok Party. 

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Apr. 7, 2011
Born on a Bike - Really: The Story of Clif Bar

Each April, we can’t help but think of the joyous time when Gary decided not to sell Clif Bar & Company years ago...and smile ear to ear! 

As a celebration of our company’s independence and homage to our roots, we want to share a special video of the celebrated Epiphany Ride. Twenty years ago, on a longer-than-anticipated ride, Gary Erickson dreamed up a better-tasting energy bar that soon became the CLIF Bar we know and love today.

Each year, Clif Bar & Company employees celebrate that special moment with an amazing bike ride.

Check out the video to see what it’s all about!

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Apr. 6, 2011
CLIF Bars and New Belgium Brews at the Urban Assault Ride in Tucson

What do you get when you combine costumes, bikes, beer and CLIF Bars on a 28 mile scavenger hunt?  A fun-filled day on one of the first stops of the Urban Assault Ride tour, of course!  While we were getting washed away with winter storms here in NorCal, our Arizona Field Marketing crew have been living it up, Clif Bar style, under the Tucson sun.

Clif @ Urban Assault Ride in Tucson 2

Do you ever wonder what happens on a cycling scavenger hunt? A few weeks ago in Tucson, the Arizona Clif Bar & Company Field Marketing crew got to find out exactly what happens when New Belgium Brewing put on the Urban Assault Ride where hundreds and hundreds of local cyclers grabbed their best friend, dressed in wacky costumes, and hit the streets. 

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Apr. 5, 2011
First Comes Clif, Then Comes Marriage…

Our Clif Bar & Company Field Marketing crew are, by nature, passionate about all things Clif, playing dedicated ambassadors to Clif brands on a daily basis. So what happens when two of the crew share a little more in common than just a favorite Clif product? Read on to hear the true story from Northwest Field Marketing Manager Marcie Winkler.

Clif Bar Valentine's Day Heart

This story begins in July of 2008. John and Amanda had both arrived early for an event and were waiting on the same park bench. They quickly struck up a conversation without realizing they both worked for Clif Bar and would be spending the rest of the day together.

Over a plate of chopped CLIF Bars, Amanda and John continued to get to know each other. When the event was over, John helped Amanda carry the tub of dirty dishes to her car, where their conversation lingered; both wondering when they would see each other next. 

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