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Aug. 21, 2013
Video Updates from The USA Pro Cycling Challenge

CLIF Bar‘s Dylan and Eric nab some time with members of Team Garmin-Sharp and Team Optum Pro Cycling at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Check out the videos to see what these riders are predicting.

Jesse Anthony

Jonathan Vaughters

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Aug. 20, 2013
Mike “Meatball” Friedman Checks in From Colorado at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Mike “Meatball” Friedman races for the Optum Pro Cycling team and is one of the best personalities in the pro peloton.

Mike Friedman

Good morning and welcome to my USA Pro Cycling Challenge blog post for CLIF Bar. Optum Pro Cycling Presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies is happy to have them on board as one of our great sponsors as we tackle races around the globe. It’s companies like Clif that allow us to do what we do - I personally rely on CLIF food during the race as they have a good mix of CLIF Bars, SHOT Gels, SHOT BLOKS, and recovery products, in addition to recently revamping their drink mix that we are currently testing at this race, which I have to admit I like. 

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Aug. 20, 2013
Colorado Kitchen Confidential, Part 2

If you read the blog yesterday, you’ll know that the Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling team brings along a custom rolling kitchen to each stage race in the United States.  And, if you watched today’s USA Pro Challenge stage roll into Breckenridge, Colorado, you’ll know that Garmin’s own Lachlan Morton finished second and pulled on the overall leader’s jersey a few minutes later. 

So, what powered Lachlan over two grueling mountain passes and 120 miles of Rocky Mountain torture today?  Take a look at last night’s menu: 

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Aug. 19, 2013
Colorado Kitchen Confidential

Bike racing at the professional level is hard, especially when the race takes place in Colorado, involves seven consecutive stages, thousands of feet of climbing, and never once goes below 5000 feet in elevation.  Well, that’s exactly what’s in store for the Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling team this week as they tackle the USA Pro Challenge, arguably the biggest race in the country.

So, how does a pro team keep their reserves topped off and ensure that the riders are getting the absolute best nutrition for their bodies each day?  Well, we know that the Garmin-Sharp riders eat plenty of Clif and Shot goods while they’re on the bike, but when it comes to their evening meals, they leave nothing to chance, bringing along their mobile team kitchen every step of the way.  Chris and Barb Grealish, the team chefs, prepare a varied, organic, and tasty meal every night.  But, the meals go way beyond tasting great - they contain many ingredients that are specifically included to nourish bodies that are being put through the ringer daily at an almost indescribable level.

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Aug. 8, 2013
Join CLIF Bar LIVE at CRANKWORX August 9th-18th !

That’s right friends and fans of the two wheeled off-road wonder…CLIF Bar is back for our 4th year as a sponsor of the largest mountain bike event in the WORLD!

Check out the schedule below and join us daily for the LIVE WEBCAST here on Keep your eyes peeled for Team CLIF Bar athletes Graham Agassiz, Andrew Shandro, Matt Hunter, Kirt Voreis, Jeff Lenosky, Eric Porter, Carson Storch and more. The team will be there shredding and sending all that Crankworx has to offer.

Come join us at the events in Whistler if you can, or join us live here on . Enjoy the ride!

Saturday August 10th
5:00pm - Dual Speed & Style

Sunday August 11th
4:30pm - SRAM Canadian Open Enduro presented by Specialized – Pro Divisions

Tuesday August 13th
4:30pm - Garbanzo DH - Pro Divisions

Wednesday August 14th
3:30pm - Fox Air DH - Pro Divisions

Thursday August 15th
4:00pm - Teva Best Trick Showdown
8:00pm - Ultimate Pump Track Challenge presented by Rock Shox

Friday Augusts 16th
6:00pm - GIANT Dual Slalom – Pro Divisions

Saturday August 17th
4:30pm - Red Bull Joyride

Sunday August 18th
3pm - Canadian Open DH - Pro Divisions

Note: All times are by local time zone - Whistler: GMT -7 (Pacific Time - PT)

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