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Sep. 16, 2013
An Awesome Giveaway Featuring The New Seasonal CLIF Bar Flavor: Pecan Pie

Yes, it’s that time again. CLIF Bar seasonal flavors are officially hitting your favorite stores. And this year we’ve got a brand new flavor that we know you’re going to love: Pecan Pie!

But alas, we need your help. How do you say the new CLIF Bar seasonal flavor, Pecan Pie? Watch the video & tell us using one of the three hashtags: #PEEcan #pickAHN or #peeKAHN. Comment using one of the hashtags with your vote on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Your hashtag vote will automatically enter you to win one of 8 awesome daily prizes. Here’s the full list:

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Chris Morell
Food Matters

Sep. 12, 2013
Sweetgrass Reflections with Molly Baker

As we ramp up for the WORLD Premier of VALHALLA tomorrow night, we thought it would be fun to take look behind the curtain and into the world of what goes into making this kind of creative magic. Team CLIF Bar’s Molly Baker shares a bit about life on the road with the Sweetgrass crew below.

Over the past two winters life has been weird. I’ve lived in a 112-square foot cabin on wheels with three to four boys, using hot springs to shower, eating quesadillas and CLIF Bars for every meal, having vehicles catch on fire, and car mechanics become a part of daily ski routine. But, every once in awhile I took a break, went to sleep in a larger house (or backcountry lodge), ate more than cheese and tortillas, and took a shower after skiing every other day. Those days were spent with Sweetgrass filming for their two-year project, Valhalla. Often viewed as the wild, esoteric weirdos of the ski world, the Sweetgrass gang sure likes to keep it real. But, what’s wrong with me when the most normal part of my year is hanging out with the guys who LOVE to film naked skiing? What would my twelve-year-old self think of me now?

Looking over the tiny town of Nelson, the Sweetgrass Manor housed 15 to 20 skiers at a time.

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B Cole
Team Clif Bar

Aug. 24, 2013
Colorado Kitchen Confidential - Part 5

Yesterday we talked about how the red quinoa that the Garmin team kitchen chefs prepared for the team is a sort of wonder food when it comes to providing beneficial nutritional elements for cyclists. Apparently it worked, as Garmin-Sharp riders Andrew Talansky and Tom Danielson both ended up on the podium after today’s intense individual time trial up Vail Pass. What do Barb and Chris have in store for the team to ensure that they are at their best for stage 6?


Check out Friday’s menu:

Mediterranean halibut
Nicoise salad
Black rice salad
Red cabbage with fennel and orange
Red rice

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Events, Team Clif Bar

Aug. 23, 2013
Colorado Kitchen Confidential - Part 4

If you’ve checked out the CLIF Bar blog over the last several days, you already know that Barb and Chris, the Garmin-Sharp team chefs, have been preparing amazing meals on the road for the team during the USA Pro Challenge.  While these meals are meant to be wholesome and tasty, they are also very purposeful, with almost every ingredient serving to keep the riders strong and sharp. 

Team Kitchen close-up

So, what did the chefs serve up on the evening before the most important and pivotal stage of the race – the individual time-trial in Vail? Glad you asked! Here is Thursday’s menu:

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Events, Team Clif Bar

Aug. 22, 2013
Video Updates from The USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Stage 3 and 4

CLIF Bar‘s Dylan and Eric nab some time with members of Team Garmin-Sharp and Team Optum Pro Cycling at the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Check out the videos to see what these riders are predicting.

Ryan Anderson

Jonas Carney

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Le Sensation American
Events, Team Clif Bar

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