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Aug. 1, 2007
13.1 miles of bliss
photo credit: the amazingly talented patrick bushI'm not really a runner. I used to be but when my knees started to fall apart and my ankles took too many rolls, I decided to throw in the towel. Then I decided to do triathlons; I still had to run but managed to avoid pounding too much pavement and still cross the finish (barely).

Then Ricardo, my illustrious pod mate, asked me to do the San Francisco Half Marathon with him.

The hitch? He asked me last Tuesday—four days before the race.

I couldn't say no so off I went to do the Half at 4 am Sunday morning with Ricardo (who had been training for months) and Caron (who completed her first marathon, read: 26.2 miles, just a few weeks before).

We started off in the same coral but Ricardo took off once we crossed the starting line. Caron, however, was kind enough to hang back with me for the first five or so miles. After we hit our second big hill, I let her jump ahead.

Our big exciting moment came when we realized all three of us were running (er, slipping) across the Golden Gate Bridge at the same time. Team bonding at it's best. If the fog hadn't been so thick, maybe we would have gotten in a little scenic eye candy as we made our way across the bay and back. But then again, it wouldn't be a summer in SF, would it?

Fast forward to Golden Gate Park. We crossed the finish line all within just 20 minutes of each other and rejoiced in a celebratory post-race run back to the car. 

Aside from the fact that I ran the 13.1 miles off the couch, I just might have to admit that the race kind of renewed my love for running…shin splints pending .
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