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Dec. 10, 2008
15,000 lbs of Carrots
Last week, the marketing department ventured out of the office for a day of volunteering at the Alameda County Food Bank, an organization that provides food assistance for over 40,000 low-income residents each week. Yup, 40,000!

Aside from providing non-perishables, the food bank does a stellar job at making sure recipients get their fruits and veggies, too. Every week, they outsource quite a bit of fresh produce to member agencies to distribute to the local residents, which is where we came in.

We worked our way through crates of fresh carrots—bagging, tying and boxing over 15,000 pounds of them! Needless to say, we got a pretty good taste of just how much produce moves through the food bank every week.

Oh, and just like they say you'll turn orange if you eat a lot of carrots, it happens when you handle them, too. Here are a few photos from the day.

Hard at work...

Erik displays his excellent bagging technique...

Lisa comes across a good one...

Carrot ears on Ian...

All twisted up, but it's still just a carrot...

Sidenote: there's always a need for canned food and monetary donations to organizations like the Alameda County Food Bank; check with your local food bank to see how you can help.
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