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Jun. 17, 2010
1st Annual Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown!
If you've been following us on Twitter, Facebook or right here on the Clif Blog, then you've surely seen some of our fun, wacky adventures of office life. Well, chalk this one up on the big board: The 1st Annual Clif Bar Iron Cupcake* Throwdown!

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0473

Eat your heart out, Bobby Flay. We've had more than a dozen Clif Bar & Company participants and a panel of Clif volunteer judges. After after the judging, we put the remainder of cupcakes up for donation to the rest of the company with all proceeds going toward the AIDS Walk San Francisco. Looks like we've raised over $400 in total.

The Throwdown featured two key ingredients. The first, lavender. And the second...ready for this? Bacon! Yes, bacon cupcakes. Balancing sweet and salty vaulted creativity to its finest. (You can check out all the pictures in our Flickr set.)

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0459

The calm before the storm. Cupcakes being prepped.

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0493

Bacon & Butterfinger cupcakes. Need I say more?

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0471

Decisions, decisions.

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0472

Our panel of judges anxiously awaiting to [over]indulge.

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0484

Deep in cupcake thought.

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown 3

Clif Bar Founder Gary Erickson getting ready to choose his tasty weapon.

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0463

In the end, our very own Alyssa and Chelsea's lavender chocolate SHOT cupcakes (Yes, made with CLIF SHOT gel!) won the lavender category.

Clif Bar Iron Cupcake Throwdown IMG_0468

And Noreen's coffee cupcakes filled with candied pecans and bacon, topped with honey cream cheese frosting, candied pecans and bacon took tops in bacon!

*IronCupcake is a trademark of Sandra Ploy and is used with her permission.
Posted by:
Chris Morell
Food Matters, Office Life, r@nd0m

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