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May. 7, 2010
21st Annual Sea Otter Classic: Smells like Energy, Adventure and the Planet
The NorCal Field Marketing crew had their own Bike to Work weekend when they attended the Sea Otter Classic a few weeks back. Peter Berridge, NorCal Clif Bar & Company Field Marketing Manager, fills us in on all things Sea Otter below.

I gotta say, there’s something special about the smell of wet grass and bike-chain lube in the morning. And the sound of announcers calling racers to the line. It feels like… energy and adventure. And the planet. It is electricity. And everyone who came to the 21st Annual Sea Otter Classic brought it! Spectators, racers, workers, volunteers, even Mother Nature brought out her best. Have we ever had weather like that at Sea Otter?! It was, as I love to say, epic.

2010 Sea Otter Classic - Daily bike commute

Like many Clif Bar stories, our days at the Sea Otter Classic began with a sweet bike ride, commuting to work at the venue from our hotel. It’s hard to call it work when each day is a festival and celebration of all things bike, but man, it sure felt like a full day of work at the end of the day! Not much nightlife happening for the Clif Bar crew. Movie premier? What movie premier.

What we may have lacked in nightlife we definitely made up for with our morninglife. Thanks to our pedal-powered Soul Cycle stereo bike, music helped us bebop, scat and shuffle our booth into working order every morning. You bike racers are a hungry bunch! But we love feeding you. We love the stoke; the energy and interest people bring to the booth and the opportunity to send them away with some tasty samples and goodwill. It’s what we do.

2010 Sea Otter Classic - the party 2010 Sea Otter Classic - Contest Winner Ella Scales

CLIF BAR’s significant other, LUNA Bar, always makes the trip to Sea Otter too. The LUNA Pro Team was busy ‘doing what they do’ at the Sea Otter, scoring victories and 3rd place finishes in both the XC and Short Track races, as well as a number of other top ten spots. What a family, eh?! Gary must be a proud Pappa these days.

Speaking of Gary…if you made it to our Clif Bar-IMBA Protect the Places we Play party on Saturday afternoon, you might have had the pleasure of hearing Clif Bar’s founder, Gary Erickson, blow trumpet alongside Clif Bar’s infamous employee band, the Dung Beatles. Man oh man, can that guy play! And the band? What a party. It’s always one of the highlights for us, inviting anyone and everyone to come and hang out at the Clif Bar booth for an old fashioned community get-together. Good times! Thanks for making it happen, everyone.

2010 Sea Otter Classic - Gary plays at Sea Otter

Special thanks to those who recycled their energy/snack bar wrappers at our booth and participated in the Clif Bar card game. Congratulations to the Scales family for winning their new bikes! Remember that magic trio: energy, adventure, and planet! It’s what we do, who we are, and what we try to be mindful of. All in the name of Clif Bar and helping to Protect the Places We Play and support our heritage in sports like cycling.

Can’t wait to do it again next year!
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