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Jun. 25, 2008
2 Mile Challenge 2008—and they’re off!
As you faithful readers well know, we here at Clif Bar like to get out and about on a multitude of adventures whenever possible. One of the most epic adventures ever, happened last Fall when we set out on the 2 Mile Challenge tour.

If you recall, the 2 Mile Challenge encourages people to replace one car trip under 2 miles with a bike once a week. Simple, right? Save some money on gas, do something good for your health and the environment—everyone wins!

Well, we’re strong believers that one good turn deserves another, so we got our old bus ‘Sugar Booger’ out of storage and back in action with a few new stylin’ features, tracked down three of the finest bike ambassadors we know and set out on a 10-week tour around the country to talk to people about joining in on this adventure that we call the 2 Mile Challenge.

It’s my pleasure to introduce to you our new 2MC team, Matt, Chris and Shannon, who check in with us following their first week on the road. Keep it tuned here on the Clif blog all summer long as they check in from time to time on their summer adventure!

Hello Clif World! We’re checking in finally after a crazy first week on the road. Our epic story begins in a large field in the middle of Tennessee in a little place we like to call, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. What a time it was at The ‘Roo! We joined up with some of the Clif Bar family from Seattle, Colorado and Texas along with about 100,000 of our closest neighbors as we braved the heat, the rain and the muddy wilds of one of the biggest summer music festivals known to man. You have to live it to believe it, trust us!

Ultimately, we had the opportunity to meet a lot of cool people, talk about bikes and our program on how to reduce our dependency on the car and get everyone all dialed into the bike; we had a pretty prime location out among the people in the Green Pod on 3rd Street and people were really psyched on the bus and taking the 2 Mile Challenge, even when it rains!

After the days in the Green Pod were done, we got the chance to check out some of our favorite bands (highlights included Groupo Fantazmo, Willie Nelson, My Morning Jacket, Jack Johnson, Yonder Mountain String Band, Pearl Jam, one of the best shows EVER!, Widespread Panic, Allison Kraus and Robert Plant featuring T-Bone Burnett, and our new friends from Canada, The Duhks!). It was easily the largest crowd we’ve ever seen, and we’re told the largest crowd that the bus has ever seen in one place!

Before departing the Southeast, we stopped in for a night in Music City (Nashville, to you and me!) where we hosted a Ride-in Movie screening of the mountain bike epic, Seasons. All proceeds from the night went to support the local grassroots alternative transportation efforts of Walk/Bike Nashville. It was a fun night for all!

To wrap up the end of our first week, it was only fitting that we stop by the Windy City to join up with our close pals from New Belgium Brewing Company at their annual right-of-bike-passage, the Tour de Fat. What a blast it was cruising around in our stylin’ Electra bikes and the Soulful Xtracycle (pedal-powered beats!) with so many wild bike-loving people. It was inspiring, to say the least, to see someone give up their car for the cause. THAT is walking (or biking?) the talk, friends. The crowd was surely receptive to the related 2 Mile message, and despite a little rain shower, we had an incredible time getting people involved in that movement away from the car. Pedal power to the people!

Overall it was a fantastic, memory-filled start to the tour. Look for us this weekend in Indianapolis at the N.I.T.E. Ride and next week when we join up with some Midwest Clif Family at the Rothbury Music Festival in Michigan. Until next time…

Love from the road,

Shannon, Matt, & Chris

Hop on over to to see more photos from the road.
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