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Jul. 2, 2009
7 Guitars…Sometimes 8
Emily, one of the fine folks who answers your calls when your ring our office, weighs in on the musical talents of Clif Bar...

Just about every Wednesday around 5:30pm, the Clif Bar theater (yup; we have a theater) starts to fill with guitars.

7 total if everyone brings theirs. 8 if someone brings an extra. There’s also a Clavinova keyboard, a drum kit, a few amplifiers and a portable PA system.

Somewhere stage left, we’ve got a bag full of percussion instruments complete with veggie shakers (think; maracas that look like avocados) and a washboard fish (leave it to the foodies to make a meal out of everything).

7 guitars may seem like a lot for one band. It could be. But this is what makes us the Dung Beetles.

Sometimes we play so loudly we can be heard clear across the building; mind you, our amps don’t even go up to 11. But the other folks in the building don’t seem to mind too much. In fact, after a recent all-company meeting, one veteran Clifbarian mentioned, “you guys have gotten pretty good since you started.”

Practice makes perfect...

When the Dung Beetles first got together, they were a little more country-bumpkin; a little less rock and roll. Now, you can’t leave the room after a show without buzzing, slightly. Not that country bumpkin doesn’t induce buzzing…

Borne out of a mutual love of beer, 6-strings and a penchant for funk-ing (or punk-ing) up classic rock tunes, the Dung Beetles grew from a crew of three or four folks with acoustics and a tambourine to a 10-11 piece “Guitarchestra.”

We’ve been lucky enough to rock at a few venues in our beloved Bay Area—Presidio Yacht Club (yep; Christmas 2008); 111 Minna and Ireland’s 32 (quite a few times, in fact). Then, there are the few fundraisers we play that are set right in our very own Clif Bar Theater. We donate all funds raised at Dung gigs to nonprofits and local programs like Toys for Tots, Cool Globes, LAM, the Breast Cancer Fund and Save the Waves. Makes us feel good.

Each Dung Beetle is a talent in his or her own right. A few write and perform their own songs around town while others are seasoned, world-traveled musicians. Some are a bit more shy, but no-less gifted. When strung together onstage, the Dung Beetles provide one rockin’ good time.

I can say for myself that I’ve grown more as a musician and as a vocal performer in the three years that I’ve been a part of this band, than all the year’s I’ve spent training, schooling and practicing…combined.

If ever you’re in town and hear about a Bay Area fundraiser with live music, check out the roster. You may see the Dung Beetles on it. And, if you do, come check us out. We’d be happy to enjoy a song and a brew with you.

[a side note (not) from the author: Emily is quite a seasoned singer herself; she’s holding back the little known fact that she just launched her very first album. Take a listen here; it’s quite catchy. Want more tunes? Check out Demetria, aka Tia Carroll, another one of the very talented "Beetles." She's got her own CD, too. Have a listen here! Okay that's all for now...]
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