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May. 26, 2010
A Brand New Store Locator
We make LOTS of stuff. So if you ever find yourself on the hunt for specific Clif Bar & Company products, you'll probably want to give our handy new Store Locator a whirl. It's incredibly simple. Simply enter your zip code, and check the box(es) for the product(s) you're looking for and click "Submit." You're done!

Now you have a nice list of your closest retail locations and a visual icon for the products that each store carries (We still recommend calling your local store(s) ahead of time to determine availability.)

But it wasn't always this easy, and we thought it would be fun to wax nostalgic and dig up the grave of our original "store locator" -- The CLIF Atlas. Ah yes, if you were accustomed to whipping out a Thomas Guide or other pre-Google Maps system, you should be quite familiar with a beast like this.

Clif Bar Atlas 1

Earmarked store locations and ruffled pages were the old way of locating retails across the country and beyond.

Clif Bar Atlas 3 Clif Bar Atlas 2

So let's just be thankful there's a better way to find Clif Bar products than thumbing through the torn pages through a dirty old map. Ah, life is good.
Posted by:
Chris Morell
Office Life, r@nd0m

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