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Jul. 2, 2010
A Busy 4th of July Weekend for Team Clif Bar Athletes
Wow, it’s July already.

Here in the magical (and rather busy) land known as Team Clif Bar, it can be tough to keep track of all that’s going on this time of year.

TCB Chris McCormack

In the ongoing madness there is, however, one thing I’m certain of – over the holiday weekend, here at TCB we will be grilling way more meat and drinking far more sangria than a number of the TCB athletes who will be hard at work busting their butts at some bigtime races.

On Sunday July 4th TCB triathlete Chris McCormack will line up at the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt Germany, where he won in 2008; and tomorrow, Saturday, July 3rd will find the Garmin-Transitions Pro Cycling squad racing the prologue of the 97th Tour de France. The Garmin-Transitions guys are approaching the race with confidence. David Millar put it like this: “This is our most ambitious Tour ever. We have a team that’s going to be fighting in the sprints and the GC. There are not many teams who can say that.”

TCB Podium Shot

While many of us in the states will be tossing back cool, refreshing beverages and grilling just about anything we can get our hands on as we celebrate Independence Day, these athletes will be stoking the coals on a whole different level.

For example, I might try to eat five mango-jalapeño sausage sandwiches on Sunday. And, yeah, those sausages can get pretty spicy – I’ve read that some carbonated beverages can actually make hot food even hotter. Am I nervous? Heck yeah I am. What if I have a beer instead of the sangria? How bad will my tongue burn?

But I’m not riding 2300 miles in three weeks. Not trying to get over 6 mountain passes or racing over cobblestones in Belgium. Not going elbow to elbow in madcap, crazy-fast bunch sprints. And I’m certainly not trying to swim 2.4 miles, then ride 112 miles and cap off a day’s worth of fun by running a marathon. I might get a mean case of indigestion from all those delicious sausages – but it’s still a lot safer than me trying to swim anywhere.

TCB GroupShot

Tyler, Christian, Julian, David, DZ, Ryder, Robbie, Martijn & Johan – leave a mark over there in France.

Chris, bust it in Frankfurt.

This weekend, from the comfort of a well used ol’ lawn chair, I’ll be raising a glass (and a number of tasty sausage sandwiches) to the TCB athletes who are out there doing what they do so well.

Be it the Tour de France, the IM European Championships, a regional crit or the local fun-run. If you’re out there rippin’ it this weekend, here at TCB we say, “Cheers to you!”

Here’s to a great July!
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