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Oct. 9, 2006
A day on the farm
Cinco--the half ton pigOn Saturday, after swim practice, I headed out to an event I'd been meaning to go to for the past 5 years. The Hoe's Down Festival at Full Belly Farm.

It was the 19th annual harvest celebration of sustainable agriculture and rural living in the nearby Capay Valley. The organic veggie box we get delvered to the office comes from River Dog Farm, another Yolo County farm just 6 miles down the road.

A horse-drawn wagon shuttled me and Thao in from the parking area. Amy, Cassie and a small Clif Bar crew volunteered at the ice cream booth. I enjoyed some polenta cakes with grilled veggies and a tasty hummus wrap.

But it was more than farm tours, amazing food and a day in the country. There was the new straw bale house—a stunning example of green building techniques, complete with a beautiful indoor/outdoor shower with some beautiful tilework.

There were sheep, pigs (including the one-half ton Cinco), a milking cow and a bunch of goats, including a little guy who was just one day old. I only went up for the afternoon and evening, but festivities went into the night, with overnight camping and more workshops on Sunday.

Music, dancing and activities for kids of all ages, from crafts and pumpkin carving to wine tasting and organic beer. Lover of wool that I am, my favorite area was the spinning and weaving area, and I didn't walk away empty-handed. Not that I needed any more yarn...
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