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Oct. 1, 2010
A Dollar a Facebook Fan - Celebrate 10,000 Fans for Clif Bar and Get a Dollar Donated in Your Honor
We're right around the corner from hitting the 10,000 fan milestone on the Clif Bar Facebook page. The amount of support and feedback we've received is nothing short of inspiring, and we want to say "thanks," in a big way.

So we're kicking off a great initiative starting once we hit 10,000 fans - we've only got a shade under 400 fans to go! For every new "like" the Clif Facebook page receives after the 10K mark, Clif Bar & Company will donate one dollar in conjunction with our environmental initiatives as a 1% for the Planet member, to an environmental organization. (1% for the Planet is an organization helping to tilt the scales of giving toward the thousands of under-funded nonprofits dedicated to the pursuit of sustainability, and preserving and restoring our natural environment. Read all about 1% for the Planet!)

1% for the Planet

Here's how it works. For three months or 5,000 new fans (whichever comes first), any new Facebook fan on the Clif Bar page counts as a $1 donation to an environmental organization through 1% for the Planet. So if you're not a fan already and you "like" Clif Bar on Facebook, that's a dollar right there. But this thing really gets going if you recommend the page to your friends. Then you can really help make a difference.

Clif on Facebook!

So help us spread the word about Clif Bar and contribute to a great sustainability initiate in 1% for the Planet. Thanks for all your continued support!
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Chris Morell

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