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May. 15, 2007
A fractal food group of us are illustrious members of the Clif Bar Organique Veggie Club—not as hoity toity as the name suggests but still pretty special.

Every Wednesday afternoon, us non-exclusive club members get a delightful box of seasonal veggies straight from Riverdog Farm, a 200-acre certified-organic farm located up in Guinda, CA.

It's always delicious to have fresh veggies delivered to your door but I have to admit that it can get a little monotonous eating the same things week to week, which is why spring brings such a welcome variety from the winter veggies.

During those winter months, however, when we were drowning our bellies in leaks and garlic onions, we also had the joy of receiving the ever-abundant Romanesco. I never got sick of seeing this vegetable in my box—if only for the pure entertainment of examining it in all of its peculiarity. Yesterday, my curiosity was expanded again when I came across this website on fractal food and the fractal essence of things in nature (thanks, Innocent).  

Could it be that my Romanesco represents the essence on which our entire universe is built? 

The site gets a bit confusing once you start reading about the different classes of fractal computations but I promise the photos will captivate you.

To make matters even more interesting, the alternate name for Romanesco is Fractal Broccoli.

Go figure.

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