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Jul. 8, 2009
A kilt, bike socks and a lot of good luck.
Here’s an entertaining adventure, straight from the horse's mouth. That horse, being the soon-to-be husband of Corey, our Colorado Field Marketing Rep. I’m not sure why he was in a kilt after just getting off of a bike ride, but I won’t worry about the finer details.

Lesson learned: watch where you’re going.

This is truly a tall tale, except that it actually happened.

I’ll make it quick. I’m in a band and was on the way to an afternoon gig in Denver. I didn’t see a stop sign and T-boned a cop. You can imagine what was going on in my mind. I just wrecked Corey’s (my fiancée and boss) truck by smacking a cop.

Well, to make a long story, shorter, I climbed out of the window of the truck and was standing on the hood of the officer’s car in a kilt. He said “nice skirt.” Thank God he had a good attitude.

Well, if you have never had an accident with an officer of the law, they send ‘em all out: the supervisor, the accident investigator, SWAT Teams, dogs. It’s crazy.

Turns out, it was my lucky day (kind of).

The sergeant in charge noticed my biking socks (I had just gotten off of a 30-40 mile ride with the gang) and we struck up a conversation. When he found out that I had done the MS 150 as it was called in the day, his mood changed. Sergeant Dave’s wife has MS and he has been in the Top 10 fundraisers for Colorado for the past six years. He called off the dogs and everything turned out fine, except that I had to give Corey my truck since I wrecked hers.

I ended up with an eighty dollar fine for running a stop sign and saw Sergeant Dave at the next ride and we had a laugh. Karma is a wonderful thing.

Indeed it is...
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