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Nov. 5, 2008
A Report from the Bayou
Last week, Caron gave us a sneak peak at her “upcoming” trip to New Orleans as part of In Good Company.

Well, the group's been in the Big Easy for just about four days now and work is well underway. The 28 worker bees have been putting their best foot forward with some restoration efforts and amid all their hard work they’ve still managed to document it all.

Here’s a snippet from an entry that appeared on their blog yesterday:

Some of us are here because we want to give back of ourselves after receiving so much. Others are here looking for ways to build community so that those skills can be brought home and put to work in our own hometowns. There's an incredible passion, and a huge source of inspiration present here in New Orleans. Just in the few days our group has been here, we've met and worked with 5 very different and very committed organizations doing work in this city to rebuild and restore the city to something better than it was before Katrina ("Pre-K"). The amount of resolve, love, and community support required to undertake something as large as rebuilding a city and its people is not insignificant, and yet it seems to overflow from every person we've met and worked with in this city.

Sure provides a sense of the kinds of things they're pondering working out there...

And, there should definitely be some great stories coming out of today's work as I got word they spent the day in waist-high boots tramping around the Bayou doing habitat restoration with Bayou Rebirth.

More to come on that.

If you can't wait, check out the In Good Company blog for up-to-the-minute stories from their days in NOLA.
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