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Nov. 26, 2007
A speedy commute
the speeding bike You're looking at a photo of a record-breaking commuting bike…faster than a speeding bullet, well, maybe not quite that fast. but pretty darn fast... 

Jessica lives up on the hill above our office and rides this speedy two-wheeler the 4.5 miles to (downhill) and from (uphill) work everyday. In those early morning hours, it usually takes her oh say about twelve minutes door to door. But this morning she beat her time by a minute and a half, making it safe and sound to pod #1 in a mere 10 minutes and 25 seconds.

That's 4.5 miles of windy roads, steep slopes, stop signs, schools (think lots of kids, parents and cars) and she still made it here in less time than it takes for me to get out of my house, walk to my little car, warm it up and drive away. 

You better believe that she's proud of her accomplishment.  

Sure, she had gravity on her side but you still have to give her some credit for her excellence in zero-carbon commuting.  

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Amy, Miss Web Gal
Office Life, Sustainability

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