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Jul. 25, 2008
A Time Trial to Get Excited About
We’re on the eve of what’s sure to be one of the more exciting Tour de France time trials in some time. Christian and the Garmin-Chipotle crew are all focusing on putting together the best tt effort they can muster up. What a great way to end three weeks of racing!

It takes something pretty special to get me out of bed before 6am, but tomorrow’s live coverage of the time trial on Versus qualifies. A big cup (or two) of coffee, a huge bowl (or two) of cereal and a whole bunch of bike racing. Bring it.

Will Frischkorn checked in a little while back with an update on what these guys do when they’re not racing during the Tour. Sounds like it can be a bit of a challenge to even find time to focus on putting on one’s game face. But it’s nice to see that Will’s got his product development face on:

"As for down time... I've been amazed how busy we are here in France. With one of the biggest differences from just 'any other bike race' being the constant media attention, first and foremost there's some time devoted to the press. Next up, the internet. I haven't hit the end of it yet, but as a team cumulatively we're probably getting close. Many quality hours have been spent with the space legs on, effectively immobilizing you for 30 minutes+, and that time gets spent either with a book, back on the computer, or watching French TV.

"I've also been working on a Catalan-cuisine inspired Clif Bar flavor, probably under the Mojo line, that starts with a solidified grapefruit puree core, is wrapped in a tube of foie gras, then coated in a paper thin chocolate shell and rolled in bitter cocoa and smoked sea salt. I'm not sure about the packaging, or the name quite yet, but I think there's a future for it, albeit small. Otherwise, we are living by the age-old cycling adage of why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lie down - Recovery has been the big focus for sure."

Recover well, fellas. And have a blast finishing off the Tour de France in some serious class-act-stylishness this weekend!

Here’s to a great team ride by Garmin-Chipotle at the Tour de France. We’ve enjoyed every kilometer – and some of us have even learned how to convert kilometers into mileage. How cool is that?

Photo credit: Team Garmin-Chipotle
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