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Aug. 11, 2010
A Weekend of Namaste at Wanderlust 2010
LUNA took a road trip up to Squaw Valley last weekend as the official nutrition bar of Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival. This was both the second year of the event and LUNA’s second time sponsoring, so Mel Leebove, LUNA Field Marketing Manager for NorCal, already had an idea of what to expect. However, her crew lead Gail Nipitnorasate was a newcomer, not only to the event but also to the practice of yoga. Read on below to hear the event unfold through her eyes.

What does “namaste” mean to a group of nine LUNA Bar representatives heading out to Squaw Valley for a weekend of Yoga and music? Well, for me, as a yoga newbie, I’ll have to defer to Wikipedia: Derived from Sanskrit, the term means “I bow to you.” But, it’s much more than that. So, I couldn’t really tell you what it really means until I had experienced four days worth of mantras and chaturangas at Wanderlust - a new kind of festival bringing together the world's top yoga teachers and the best performers in rock and roll, all in a setting of breathtaking natural beauty.

After a three-hour drive, we (myself, Mel, Skye and David) find ourselves surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Tahoe, high up in the altitudes, breathing in the cold morning air and feeling the hot afternoon sun on our backs. For the next four days, we will be surrounded by 10,000 Yogis.

Setting up the booth experience kicks into gear on Friday with peak times around the corner on Saturday and Sunday, and to connect even more so with the relaxing yoga vibe, we opt to create a “LUNA Lounge” area for our attendees to enjoy. We offer a place where people can share their “mantras”, “gurus”, and “intentions”. Complete with comfortable bean bags, cushions, and yes, even chair massages, the LUNA Booth becomes an inviting place to all. (Thanks to two of our awesome staff members – Skye Livingston and David Hermele – who are professional masseuses, we are able to offer this kind service to our guests).

We also raffled off two limited edition LUNA-branded Manduka eKo yoga mats, of which one of the winners was incredibly stoked to win – always a bonus when you’ve never won anything before and actually get something you really want and need (she didn’t have her own yoga mat to bring to the festival)! She graciously tells us that this is a “blessing and a sure sign” of getting deeper into her new practice. We’re glad to help make a difference.

It wasn’t all chopping and talking for us LUNA representatives though, each of us had the opportunity to enjoy some of the wonderful Yoga classes offered. I took two classes: The first being “Navel Intelligence” – which honestly is just a nice way of phrasing “WARNING: HARDCORE AB WORKOUT!” The class vibe is wonderful because our yoga instructor is so smiley, spiritual, and inviting. There’s even live music (drums and all) played in the rhythm of our practice. The entire process is so mentally relaxing that you don’t realize that your body is in pain…until the next day when your whole body was so incredibly sore and shaking, in a good way!

The second class I enjoyed was “Big Heart City” – a meditation class helping us to focus on love and compassion. The big take away message here for me was this mantra: “Love now. Stop waiting for happiness.” So often in our lives we wait for the future to be happy. Whether it's that perfect job, relationship, special occasion, etc., we fixate on the tomorrow's and what is to come. But, we need to stop waiting and seek happiness from within today.

And so today, I find myself happy – happy because I had the opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful event with so many wonderful co-workers. My Wanderlust experience was mostly a working one, but I thankfully had the opportunity to embrace the atmosphere. There's something intensely special about being in the middle of nature where your pure intention is to focus on your inner being, and to internalize and genuinely appreciate all that those around you have to offer. Namaste.

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