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Aug. 2, 2006
I've been reading Michael Pollan's book The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Never before have I been involved in a book that's drawn so much attention! Almost every time I bring the book to a public place, someone will approach me to ask about it, either they've heard of it, or just finished reading it. Regardless, they have something to say about it!

I'm enjoying the book immensely and would recommend it to anyone—if you eat, then it will directly apply to your life! Pollan does a terrific job of investigating various styles of food production and processing, giving a detailed account of what's involved and how things have evolved to be this way. 

Even big corporations have been impacted by the book—recently, there was an article in the SF Chronicle stating that Whole Foods Market will begin selling more local produce, mainly in response to this book!

It's pretty exciting to read a book that's creating so much energy and change around a topic that applies to all of us humans. Have you read it? Send in your thoughts?
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