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Sep. 19, 2005
Ain’t no sunshine…
A week ago I was ready to stow away my shorts, tanks and flip flops and pull out my boots, jackets and sweaters, but then it got hot again. Thank goodness! We used to call it Indian summer when I was little. There’d be a few weeks of cloudiness and breeziness and then wham, the heat would be back.

This is my new favorite season. My little nephew just started 1st grade, we’re gearing up our 2080 program for the last push of “fun in the sun” volunteer opportunities for our employees and everyone around the office seems so happy.

I’ll be marking this Indian summer with lots of bike rides to and from work (to lessen my carbon footprint of course). I’ll be heading to the farmers market as often as I can to get the last of the organic summer berries and I’ll spend as much time outside soaking up the Vitamin D before we head into fall.

Not to sound Self Magazine-ish, but before the summer goes away all together, do something you’ve wanted to do inside or out. Go take a leisurely bike ride, try out a skateboard (not just for angsty boys anymore), visit the beach, bake an organic apple crisp, anything that will remind you of these last sunny days and give you something to look forward to next summer. (You want an apple crisp recipe, you got it.)

Last thing, here’s the martini recipe I promised (forwarded from my good friend Tiff). Enjoy.




cranberry juice

rose water

a little bit of simple sugar


Put in shaker over ice and strain into martini glass. Garnish with a rose petal. Get ready to party Puerto Rican style.

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