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Apr. 21, 2005
Alrighty, then
Just came from a BLOG meeting this morning where Jeff and Stephen gave us the ol’ ‘good cop/bad cop’ routine. Sure, it appeared that they were talking to everyone in the room, but I quickly saw through that little charade and understood that the message was, “Shape up Seguin, or we’ll be taking your Merit Badge sash and your Spiderman Pez dispenser and you’ll be out on the street quicker than Eric Walle sprints at the Santa Rosa Twilights.”

Guess this BLOG writing bit is a pretty serious gig. Maybe, just maybe, I’m in over my head. But if I don’t write the BLOG entries I’ll never raise enough money to save poor ol’ Aunt Mabel’s organic farm.

After this morning’s meeting, I’m not saying that Jeff and Stephen roughed me up, but let’s just say it hurts when I type. It’s all cool with me – I understand that it’s just part of the rough & tumble game that is BLOGGING. No hard feelings – feelings can stay broken forever. My finger bones and ribs will heal eventually.

Sure, I was attacked by a mischievous gang of feral rabbits this morning and that slowed me down a bit, making me late to the meeting – but that sorta stuff happens all the time. Last week, I fell behind a bit while building a fleet of Draginja (half Dragon/half Ninja) robots in the bike shop – but that sorta stuff is all about disciplined entrepreneurialism. Let’s face it, anyone who can build an army of cool robots is a valuable employee.  Good job security tip right there for anyone who’s reading.

So I’m going to put a little Sea Otter Classic report together mighty soon to save my good name around these parts. Somehow the fine folks who manage the Sea Otter Classic let me hold a microphone in the announcing booth for a few days in beautiful Monterey . What’s even more amazing is that they actually let me speak into the microphone.

Over and out for now. I’ll be back soon with Sea Otter.
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