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Feb. 26, 2008
Argyle Looks Good in California
It’s blog time in a BIG way. Amy has asked me a couple times when the Tour of CA blogs will be ready—I think she gave me the stink-eye last time she walked by the TCB pod. I’m a little scared of Amy.

Truth is, I’d been meaning to get a ToCA story up earlier than now, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Instead, I got dealt a nasty case of the flu—I think my mother-in-law brought an extra-strength North Carolina influenza to the house as some sort of sinister gift. Well, touché. I got got good.

After feverishly sweating away a good five pounds or so of climbing weight, today I was finally feeling better. But as I got out of the truck this morning I tweaked my back and now I’m more of a physical mess than the beat-down influenza guy everyone was growing so fond of. So I’m still feeling beat-down, just trying a new angle today. Yeah, it’s been quite a week.

The Tour of CA was the good part of the week. And many of the reasons the Tour of CA is exciting to me have little to do with results and such, so writing this up on the Monday following the race should still work out fine. Sure, Slipstream had a great race results-wise, with Millar in 2nd, Christian in 3rd, DZ in 6th and Thomas in 11th. Thomas finished 2nd in the Best Young Rider competition; Cozza rode an aggressive race and ended up 6th in the King of the Mountain; and when the dust settled Slipstream had won the Best Overall Team competition. Nice outing indeed.

In addition to all the racing action, it was good to chat with Jonathan about what the team has planned for the coming season. Have a listen.

And I caught up with Tom Danielson who I hadn’t had the pleasure of talking with in some time. Listen here.

Dave Zabriskie shared some info about the Yield to Life program he’s founded. Hear what Dave has to say about the program.

And I got some nice product feedback from the team in Modesto. Care to listen in?

A big thanks to Eric and Paul for hitting the road with me in the truck for a few days. I think we all ended up border-line car sick at least once. Nothing like being car sick with good pals in the thick of a great bike race.

And we’re all looking forward to seeing Slipstream in action this season. Argyle looked good in California. Next up, we get to see argyle at Paris—Nice!

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