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May. 24, 2005
Aye, Aye Captain
As you've probably read in the tabloids, Clif Bar is about ready to kick off The 2005 Natural Energy Tour! Minus the bit about the alien triathlete love child and the negative calorie 12 step turkey pot pie diet, most of what you've read is true. It starts June 1, and kicks off at a HUGE music event called Bonnaroo, in TN ( ). The Tour will then for the four months following spread the Clif Bar love, trekking about the DC to Boston corridor, sampling hundreds of thousands of tasty samples and talking about green initiatives, such as global warming and alternative sources for renewable energy. 

We've hired two rather chipper blokes, Adam and Brady, to captain the bio diesel fueled adventure wagon. Adam and Brady visited us here in Berkeley, from Colorado, last week for their training and things went very well. On Wednesday alone we chuckled approximately 42 times, consumed 8 Vitamin Waters between the 4 of us and Grady, my esteemed associate and key driver behind the tour, used the word 'smattering' no less than two times in the same hour! How can you not have a fun and productive scenario where 'smattering' is being, well, smattered about with such wild abandon? I submit that you cannot! (please forgive the double negative). In addition to this dialectical offering, Grady also used the word 'transesterification' properly in a sentence without so much as glancing at his paper, then followed it up by using 'significance' six times in 30 seconds. It was magical. I just wish I was there for the second day of training. Who knows what lingual frolicking might have ensued!?

Now, go have a Tuesday. - Swanner
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