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Aug. 19, 2005
Back from P.R.
I'm back from Puerto Rico and back (finally) to reality. It took about a week and a half to get into the swing of things. I swear, it seems the older I get, the more I need a vacation from my vacation!

A friend at work, we'll call Peaches, says she always takes an extra day off. She's from South Carolina, so imagine this being said in a southern drawl: "I always take a day off to sleep in, run errands and get a manicure and pedicure before returning to work." Smart girl.

P.R. was pretty cool. Volunteering for part or all of a vacation is the wave of the future. If it weren't for the volunteering, we wouldn't have met Gladys and a few of her other friends who gave us a whole slew of tips on places to eat and go and stay. If you love animals, would like to volunteer while on vacation or have a few bucks to spare, I'm sure the Humane Society on Vieques would love to hear from you.

wild horsesThe craziest thing about Vieques, besides the fact that is it's hard to detect the damage and past presence of the US Navy, is the large stray horse population. There are horses literally roaming the streets, like dogs. This causes lots of problems, especially because people drive fast. There are a few caring souls who make "horsecalls" to tend any injured horses.

It seems, too, that people adopt dogs more readily than cats, so there were lots of kitties in the shelter. It took my friend Tiffany about 10 minutes to decide she was taking two little kittens home.

It wasn't easy hiding them in our hotel room and bringing them on the plane (we had to pay for that), but it was all worth it when a guy from work adopted them just a few days after we got back. He's still considering names, but for now he calls them Morticia and Bullet. Pictures don't do these guys justice.

I suppose by the time I write again, my vacation will be a distant memory and the only thing I'll be thinking about will be work. If I remember, next post, I'll share a martini recipe from my vacation with you. That way, we can all sit back, drink martini's and toast Puerto Rico.

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