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Mar. 5, 2009
Behold —The Reclin-O-Ficé
Femur Files Week 2

Apparently the femur remains broken despite all the milk & cereal I’ve ingested.

Trying to stay positive over in my neck of the woods after snapping my femur while doing an amazing move on my road bike that words just can’t describe.

Or, maybe they can...

Let's try “awesomeinatory” or “awesomeillitrackletron.”

Now I’m sitting around the house trying to heal up for the next mad-cap adventure. And here’s what I’m dealing with:

  • My old dog is, apparently, quite gassy. I didn’t realize the extent of it until now and it’s not easy to escape the fumes with only one working leg.
  • And, believe it or not, the blood thinner shots I give to myself in the belly each day are getting a tad old. Sure, at first it was exciting & fun but now the novelty seems to have worn off. The neighbors don’t even come over to watch anymore.
  • Today I took a real shower as I just couldn’t take another sad sponge bath. An hour and forty minutes later I was clean. Showering was fantastic—and just a wee bit frightening.
  • I can still remember back in the day when I could walk, and play hop scotch, and run from ol’ Johnny Law, and ride a bike, and do math, and lift my leg off the ground easily, and dance to Styx’ Mr. Roboto, and participate in thrilling gunslinger-style western battles… Good times.

But it’s not all doom & gloom when you’ve got a broken femur from doing something amazing.

“Why’s that?” you might ask.

Only takes one French-style word to answer that question: Reclin-O-Ficé

Back in 1927 cousins Edward Knabusch & Edwin Shoemaker busted a pretty serious move when they started the Floral City Furniture Company (that became La-Z-Boy) and made the very first recliner. In ’47 the brainiacs at Barcalounger added the built-in footrest. And the rest is fantastic, oh-so-comfortable history.

Now, in 2009, I give you the Reclin-O-Ficé. Part recliner, part office. Mostly recliner, actually, but add a laptop, a coffee fountain, your phone, a supply of Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bars & endless Willie Nelson tracks on the ipod and you’ve got yourself just about the sweetest office ever known to man.

The beauty of it all is that you don’t even need a broken femur to start getting your work done in a Reclin-O-Ficé. And, honestly, the endless Willy Nelson tracks might only work if you’re on Vicodin.
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Le Sensation American
Office Life, Team Clif Bar

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