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Mar. 22, 2006
Belly up to the organic-cotton bar
Hot stuff!If you're like me, you've heard the buzz about organic cotton clothing. Some of it's cute, some of it's expensive, some of it's scratchy and most of it's still hard to get.
Well, the almighty gods of all things organic smiled upon us at work last Thursday. Nicole, this super cool chick who is totally in the know about fashion, hooked us up with a visit from Moose, her super cool friend from Loomstate who came to 1610-5th Street to our office with Loomstate jeans in tow.

Thanks to them, we all spent way too much time out in the old warehouse trying on jeans and sipping champagne. Just kidding about the champagne part—I only wanted it to sound as glamorous as it was!

We tried on different styles and we got to buy jeans made with 100% organic cotton at a great price. I felt like I had my very own boutique right here at work. Can I just say that these jeans are cuuuute? I couldn't believe how soft they are and it was so cool to buy 100% organic! It's like voting with your hard-earned dollars. I'm all about supporting the organic cotton movement.

Maybe one day I'll open my own organic-cotton-only shop. But until that day, feast your eyes on Swanner, Diana and Issa—not them, just their Loomstates.

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