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Apr. 26, 2011
Benchetler and the Boys Killing it in AK
It's no secret -- AK can either make or break your career...and your wallet. You either get to sit for weeks throwing money into the rotor blades, not skiing and learning a lot about patience and solitude, or in this case you fly up and score the minute you step off the plane.

Benchetler and the Boys Killing it in AK 1

There's no denying how lucky we just got it up there. Eric Pollard, myself (Chris Benchetler), and Bryce Phillips just returned home from an epic trip to Haines, Alaska. We went up on an open ended ticket with hopes to fly with Alaska Heli Skiing out at 33 mile. We were more then ready and kind of expecting to stay for a couple weeks and partake in the AK slow roast.

Benchetler and the Boys Killing it in AK 2

Turns out mother nature likes us. Is it because our production company is named after some of her clouds? We'll never know... but the moment we arrived the skies broke blue followed by 3 more in a row. Not to mention our accommodations with Bruce at the Funny Farm were as good as they get.

Needless to say, that was the quickest and luckiest film trip I've ever been on, and I'm sure the other Nimbus Independent-ians felt the same.

Benchetler and the Boys Killing it in AK 5 Benchetler and the Boys Killing it in AK 4

There's not much more to report other then a slightly tweaked ankle, which resulted in me missing the last day of flying but gave me the chance to shoot a 44 magnum [Just for the record, Dirty Harry was a bad ass]. As always, stay tuned this fall for our next En Route webisode containing all the goods. Until then, here's a real quick tease from my first run on day 2 and some pics of our adventures.

Benchetler and the Boys Killing it in AK 3

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