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Oct. 24, 2005
Berkeley Juggling & Unicycle Festival
Two weekends ago, was the 1st Berkeley Juggling & Unicycle Festival! My friends and I (who are all jugglers) collectively decided that the Bay Area needs to have it’s own festival.
I had never tried to organize anything like this before - boy, is it a lot of work! We met weekly for 6 months to put this thing together. Finally, the weekend was here, the doors to King Middle School opened (for us) and the people poured in!

What a great feeling - to look around and see nearly 300 people having a fun time. It truly felt like an accomplishment! The festival was 3 days long and attracted all kinds of people: jugglers, unicyclists, poi artists, acrobats, circus performers, yo-yo fanatics, hoopers, gawkers, and others. Many people offered to teach workshops to share their skills with others.

It was a tiring weekend, but really fun and rewarding. CLIF BAR was kind enough to sponsor the festival, providing energy for the festivities.

Will we do it again? Probably! Most of the hard work is already done.  wink

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