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Jan. 25, 2008
Big waves…really big waves…

We’re in the midst of a big storm here in Berkeley. The weather men and women are saying we can expect yet another bucket of rain throughout the rest of today and into the evening. Between howling winds and snow flurries on our local hills (exciting for all those snow lovers), all this winter weather gets me thinking about sunnier skies, warm water and the beach. But since that can’t happen, these photos from last week’s Mavericks Contest will have to do.

I was off hanging out at the Eiffel Tower when they gave the green light to hold the contest; while I was having a blast of my own, I would be lying if I said I didn’t care I missed the big day (pun intended!). 24 big-wave riders competing in solid 25-30 foot swells off the NorCal coast is most definitely something you don’t want to miss. After some apparently pretty intense heats, it was San Clemente surfer, Greg Long who came out on top. Making the event even cooler, during the last few heats, the six finalists opted to split the prize purse. True camaraderie.

Amidst all the festivities, our very own Jeff J. had the honor of awarding Grant “Twiggy” Baker with the Clif Bar Green Room Award, bestowed upon the surfer who gets the biggest, deepest barrel of the day (voted for by the surfers themselves!).

All in all, a pretty stellar day. Now, if only this rain would stop so I could get out there and catch a few myself…

Check out the Mavericks website for up close and personal vids and photos from the day.

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