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May. 14, 2009
Pedal Power
This morning I hopped on my bike and rode to work.

Like Ryan, I’ll admit. It’s a whole lot easier jumping in my car and driving to work. But, riding my two-wheeler adds only about 15 minutes to my commute; plus, on a beautiful morning like today, I get some extra Vitamin D and a blast of adrenaline in the morning (sans my good friend, coffee).

So, to provide a bit of inspiration for all the fun and exciting things that happen to a girl who rides her bike to work far less than she should, here’s a (brief) pictoral narration of Bike To Work Day in the Bay Area.

Route: San Francisco to Berkeley
Time of departure: 7 am
Modes of Transportation: Bike and BART

After wiggling my way through SF, I popped out onto Market St., a popular, bus and car-filled thoroughfare through downtown SF, I spotted Tina, cycling whiz and fellow CB&C-er, volunteer with the SF Bike Coalition.

I then pedaled my way down to the end of Market Street to meet up with Alyssa, who appeared in all her Ironman glory (backpack included).

We stopped to listen to some lovely violinists serranading the commuters.

Together, we boarded BART and made our journey underground to the East Bay where we proceeded to run into Lisa, with her pom-pom decorated XtraCycle.

By that time, Lisa had bumped into Gary, (who was traveling by foot!) who had run into Vince. Got it?

We grabbed a muffin from the fine folks from REI and pedaled down the hill to our office.

Upon arrival, we were pleased to see our parking lot far emptier than usual and an office full of bicycles milling about.

Apparently, there were twice as many bikes as cars on Market Street this morning. That's pretty exciting. Let's keep the movement moving. Pedal power, people! Happy bike to work day/eve...
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Amy, Miss Web Gal
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