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May. 25, 2005
blah, blah, blog
Just presented the blog to the Grassroots marketing group. We sure do love our meetings here. Often, I have so many meetings that I don't have the time to do what I said I would during the many meetings. Note to self: learn to say no... to meetings and more work.

I swear, I've spent more time meeting about this darn blog thing than I've spent writing in it. Other than Swanner, I'm the only one intimate with the software. Thus far, I'm the only person posting to it under the guise of each individual writer. Need to empower the writers to do it on their own. Teach a co-worker to fish...

Soon this blog will be a reality. Soon people will be able to read about life her at CLIF. Soon we will conquer the world... or at least join in the babble on the blogosphere.
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