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Feb. 24, 2010
Blok Party Anyone?

Superbowl Sunday celebrations start super early for Clif Bar Field Marketing folks. Yes, we realize the Superbowl seems like eons ago but it feels just like yesterday to us; in fact, we're still recovering from the marathon festivities the LA Field Crew pulled off.

Read on (and check out the video clip) to find out how hula hoops, moustaches and an impromptu dance party with a few of the teenage mutant ninja turtles are all in a day’s work for this energetic crew…

Clif Bar’s LA Field Marketing Team is becoming pretty popular in this neck of the woods. We’re already known for our mad bar chopping skills, vast knowledge of Clif Bar products, and friendly smiles. But word on the LA street is that we really know how to throw a mean party.

I’m not talking about your run of the mill house party. We're talking an on-course, in-the-streets, dance-while-you-run, hula-hoop if-you-must, but be-sure-you-break-it-down, Blok party.

What is a Blok party you may ask? Well, after years of sampling at running events, we realized that while Clif Bar products are responsible for nutritionally sustaining our loyal runners, we wanted to do more for these athletes. So, we started throwing parties on course where we bring a DJ, cheer, dance, hula-hoop, hoot, and holler to help these runners complete their distance. We watch runners eat CLIF SHOT BLOKS® on course while boogying down to some sweet tunes.

On February 6th, we attended the Redondo Beach Superbowl 10k/5k in beautiful Redondo Beach and threw a killer Blok party at mile 2. While the LA crew entertained the runners, the runners also thoroughly entertained the LA crew as well.

Between all the great costumes, dance skills, and group hula-hooping, mile 2 was the place to be for runners and spectators. It also seemed to be a popular spot for mustaches. Clif Bar’s LA Field Marketing Crew Captain met his mustache match in one of the runners. This gentleman was so moved by Josh’s mustache, he had to stop for a photo.

Who out-mustached who? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

All in all, Superbowl Sunday was an incredible day for run, and for a Blok Party.

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