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Jun. 25, 2007
Breaks—the Good, the Bad and the, um… Odd
It’s June 25th and I’m back in the office after heading east for a bit to visit some friends and family. It was an adventure—of sorts. Sometimes breaks don’t go quite as planned. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the many random variations of breaks.

As some of you likely know already—I’m broken. My left wrist has been rebuilt with some handy-dandy titanium hardware and I’m in the process of trying to feel less broken. This type of break is not so good. 

On another not so good note, recently I read in ROAD Magazine that my good buddy Dave Towle thinks climbers are sexier than sprinters. That pretty much broke my heart. Sure Dave’s crazy, but it still hurts to realize that Dave thinks my TCB teammate Doran is sexier than I am. Rats. It’s as though all the cool titanium hardware in my body counts for zilch on the sexy meter. I just assumed that the ti upgrades would count for something, but maybe I should have asked for carbon.

Often a vacation-style break is a good type of break, and my recent trip east was definitely nice—but it was a little weird too. We went to visit my wife’s mom and some of the other kinfolk in her clan, but about a day or so after we arrived my wife’s mom had a serious falling-out with her gall bladder—so she had to head into the hospital to have the break-up made official and we didn’t get to see as much of her as we’d hoped. She’s doing well now, so that’s good news, and we’ll hopefully get out there again to see her sometime soon-ish for another break.

And while we were out there on vacation, we encountered what we ended up calling ‘Poop Bugs’—tiny little black bugs that were crawling/flying up through the drains of my mother-in-law’s house and lounging around in the tubs, showers and sinks. The plumber said they sometimes come in through breaks in the pipes, or maybe the house is built on an ancient graveyard and the bugs are just part of some sort of impending demonic invasion. I had to choose, I’d take the break in the pipe option.

But the vacation wasn’t all freaky. We did a bunch of fun stuff and I enjoyed checking in on the TCB athletes and teams that were out and about storming virtual castles at every turn. I had a hard time keeping up with all of the success stories that came my way; here’s a gist of what the TCB athletes have been up to in June:

With all the June successes I’d guess there might even be some of TCB win-tally record being broken this month.  That’s a good type of break.

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