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Apr. 13, 2011
Brighton Your Day with Clif Bar!
The Clif Bar UK field marketing crew was out in force for the second Brighton Marathon on Sunday 10th April.

george pace

Clif Bar had played its part since the start, attending training seminars since November. We've also supported weekly training runs in providing CLIF Bars and SHOT Bloks for all, and the Expo day before saw us sampling our wares.

booth with Pace

And for the first time in the UK, members of the Clif Pace Team were in attendance, to help secure those PBs.

feed station

Come race day, two feed stations were prepared for the 10,000 runners to pass through at miles 12 and 18, where many gratefully received encouragement and support with SHOT Bloks. In all, 30,000 were distributed.

Several hundred runners also benefited from the awesome Pace Team, who led groups from 3.10 to 5 hour marks. To end it all, a Clif Bar was awaiting each runner as they crossed the line.

feed 1

We hoped to have helped BRIGHTON many people’s day!
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David Smith
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