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Jul. 3, 2007
Bryan Rhodes Wins the MedExpress Half Ironman
Bryan rides again...TCB Triathlete Bryan Rhodes has been out and about flying the CLIF BAR colors this season and he just sent this race report my way.  Congrats Bryan! Nice effort out there.

Hello Sponsors and Friends,

Well most of you would think that I would have my feet up a week after Ironman Coeur d'Alene but I was feeling really good and decided to push my body and signed up for the Half Ironman in Morgantown West Virginia. I wanted to support HFP Racing as they put on amazing events and really take care of the Pros that support them!

I was flying from Spokane to New York to meet with my new agent Jason Goldberg and sponsors R&A Cycles who will be building my Hawaii bike! It must have been the high altitude in the plane but I decided that I could manage this Double that I don't think many athletes could!

After doing one light swim and a 1-hr ride on the trainer with new gear on my bike (an Ergomo power meter and Rotor Rings) on the Thursday I was set to go!!  We packed the car up on Friday and went on our 6 1/2-hr road trip from NYC to Morgantown!

It was great to be back and I knew that I would have to use my strengths and experience if I was to win this race as there was a very good Pro Male field! The bike course had changed so I rode the sections that I hadn't ridden before on Saturday and found that is was pretty flat but there were some good hills as well!

At the Pro meeting they said there would be no wetsuits so I was happy about that as I knew I needed to work my strengths to have a big lead for the run as my legs were very tired from the Ironman last week.

Race day was perfect—a coldish morning with steam rising from the river. We had a dive start that took me back to my swimming years. I went as hard as I could but was lactated-up bad so just kept it smooth and strong!

Running like the wind!I gapped the others and tried to build a good lead. I came out of the water with a smaller-than-hoped lead of around 20sec. I had a quick transition and went about smashing myself on the bike. If I was going to win the race I would have to do it on the bike!

I felt great on the first lap; I think I put all my time into the field on the first lap of the ride as the second lap got very hard and also with the lapped and Olympic-distance traffic made it tricky going! I came into T2 with a healthy 2.45 on Paul Fritzsche , 3.50 on Brent Lorenzen and 7-mins on Andrew Hodges so I was hoping that I could hold on for the win!

The first lap of two was super hard; my quads were killing me. I didn't know if I could make the finish but I took as many Clif Shots as I could and a few salt tablets and my rhythm started to kick in. I lost all but 40sec of my lead to Paul and a lot to Andrew but over the last 3 miles I could push it and crossed the line in 1st. 1.52 ahead of Andrew with another 35-sec back to Paul.

I was amazed that my body could go through that and I felt good! An Awesome feeling being a Champion again! 1st win on US Soil for 2007.
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