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Aug. 23, 2005
Buenos Nachos
My head's buzzing from twice my usual day's-worth of caffeine, and I'm trying to imagine life without KT. One of my favorites is leaving the roost (temporarily). We just returned from the Peet's on 4th Street for her last coffee run. After seven years, it's time for a well-deserved sabbatical. Three months off, paid.

When I started here, we were in the same pod, my desk right in front of hers. I was the lone Internet person in a herd of grassroots marketing types. She manages the field team, providing their lifeline to our Berkeley office and honing the CLIF experience brought to countless races and cities across the country. As I moved around to different desks, she remained; an anchor to the pod as nine people shuffled through the other five desks.

muchos nachosA woman of diverse talents, she'd never brag about the many hats she's worn before her time at Clif Bar: archeologist, firefighter, ski goddess, college varsity athlete, model, surfer, illustrator, and on and on. Her Excel spreadsheet skills are legendary. While I'm still bitter we never made it onto The Amazing Race as corporate soulmates, I'm looking forward to her future adventures as a full-time artist.

Last Thursday, the company said its farewell with one of Kate's favorites: nachos. And tonight, we're headed to Dona Tomas for another fave: cerveza.

Although you'll return to work part-time next year, it feels like the end of an era. Paint on, sister!

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