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Aug. 23, 2006
Buried…in good stuff
I have a blue bike!I’m getting ready to run out the door for a trip to Boise, ID where I’ll spend some time with my wife’s kinfolk. A little vacation sounds absolutely wonderful—and, low and behold, I happen to be in Boise at the same time as the State Championship Crit. What a swell and lucky coincidence.

It’s been busy in TCB-land these days. Lots of ’07 planning going on—lots of good stuff, lots of lots of lots of it.... I’m very excited to see a number of the TEAM CLIF BAR programs really focusing on doing more than just competing in ’07. 

Just recently, The Solano/Soule Cycling Team paid a visit to a local school and chatted with the kids for a good spell. One really neat thing about kids is that they actually think guys in lycra outfits look cool. Some kids asked surprisingly involved questions about our gear or about bike riding in general. Other kids didn’t really ask questions at all; they’d raise their hands but then just tell us something like, “My bike is blue.” That’s cool. I like blue bikes. Kids rock; we’ll be doing more school visits in ’07 for sure.

Speaking of kids, I’ve got my own little 3 ½ year-old maniac and I certainly want to do all that I can to be sure that my son has access to the same outdoor sports that have enriched my life so much over the years. This cyclocross season we’ll be incorporating the Start Global Cooling program into the TEAM CLIF BAR program more than we ever have before.

We’re working with the TIAA-CREF/CLIF BAR Cyclocross Team and the USGP of Cyclocross to incorporate sustainability efforts that will help grow awareness both inside and outside of the athlete community. The Start Global Cooling logo will even have a nice presence on the TEAM CLIF BAR Cyclocross and Road Team kits in the coming seasons.

And there’s good winter-sports/sustainability stuff in the works too.  I’m already looking forward to being back in the office come September so we can keep developing the new programs.

But don’t get me wrong; I’m going to enjoy every minute of my week off.

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