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Jun. 15, 2005
Calling All Nutrition, Exercise & Sports Junkies

Too Nashville I clamored along with 4000 or so like-minded sports & nutrition junkies where we acted like sponges & soaked up all the significant & insignificant data we could get our hands on. 

Research is the essence of the nutrition headlines & guidelines that you read in magazines & newspapers; &, there is nothing like getting the science straight from the horse’s mouth. At the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting that is exactly what you get, raw science from which I return to Clif Bar with & translate in applicable information. (My nerdy self continues to shine through)

Granted you have to sit through hours of monotone seminars with metronome like PowerPoint slides in cavernously large, dimly lit lecture halls given by scientists so caught up in their exciting findings that they may not have ponied up on their presentation skills.

The coolness of the info presented is hardly ever presented with the flare & enthusiasm it deserves, but perhaps this is the nature of presenting raw science – it is a little dry.

Science is far from fashionable & hardly glamorous, but to those interested enough it is a bit like good gossip. (I mean c’mon, this were all trendy diets start – from misinterpretation of science)

We know getting the data & presenting it is trouble enough, but spicing up the delivery is key to spreading the good word.

Presentation Tips for Scientists:
• Less is more (especially when it comes to Power Point)
• Step away from the podium
• Spice up graphs – colors, pictures, better descriptors
• Don’t use it if your audience can’t see it – we don’t want to hear “ I know you can’t see this information up on the screen but……”
• Personalize - add interesting anecdotes that only the research authors can give
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